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Delaying Dental Implants? Here’s What You’re Missing



You’ve seen the same face in the mirror every day for years.

Exactly how many is of no concern to anyone but you. You’ve certainly had time to get used to that reflection, though.

It’s no wonder you’re hesitant to change anything about it — at least any changes that you can’t undo at a moment’s notice. It would be strange if you weren’t.

But some changes are worth making. If you’re less than thrilled with your reflection’s smile these days, perhaps it’s time to overcome your hesitation and talk to a dental implant provider about your options.

What you find out might surprise you. Here’s what you might learn about why you shouldn’t delay dental implants any longer than you have to.

Reduced Risk of Further Tooth Loss

Dental implants don’t simply replace missing or failing teeth. They also help stabilize the immediate area and may prevent further tooth loss.

They do this by shoring up the teeth on either side, making it more difficult for them to lean into what would otherwise be an empty space. When teeth lean into these voids, they’re more likely to loosen over time.

Easier, More Natural Speaking

By closing up voids in your mouth, dental implants restore your ability to speak clearly and easily. After your procedure, you’ll have less trouble making yourself understood.

Easier, Cleaner Eating

Dental implants add to your eating surface, making it easier to eat and enjoy the foods you love without worrying about gum or soft tissue injury. They also close difficult-to-reach spaces that tend to attract food particles. If not properly cleaned, these particle-laden spaces can contribute to gum disease and tooth decay over time.

A Brighter Smile

One of the biggest selling points of dental implants is the cosmetic impact. If nothing else, your implants will brighten and restore your smile — giving you permission to flash those pearly whites for the camera once more.

A Fuller Set of Teeth

It’s not just your smile. The “curb appeal” of a full set of teeth is impossible to overstate.

For better or worse, the people in your life — and those you meet in passing — make judgments about folks with missing teeth. Investing in dental implants ensures those judgments won’t apply to you.

Renewed Confidence

These benefits all point in one direction: toward a more confident you. If you’re tired of worrying what people might say about your teeth, and sick of holding yourself back because you think you’re not “good enough” for people with full smiles, dental implants could be the right choice for you.

More Benefits of Dental Implants

These aren’t the only benefits of dental implants. If you’re like most patients, you’ll come to appreciate these as well.

  • They’re a Durable Solution. Dental implants are a long-term solution for damaged or missing teeth. They don’t need to be replaced every year and don’t require regular maintenance.
  • They’re Easy to Clean. Unlike dentures, dental implants are as easy to clean as natural teeth. Take good care of them and they’ll take good care of you.
  • They Don’t Require a Complicated, Time-Consuming Nighttime Routine. You don’t need to remove and soak your dental implants in harmful chemicals every night. And you don’t need to spend extra minutes removing adhesive from your gums and thoroughly cleaning your mouth afterward.
Are Dental Implants Right for You?

The reasons not to delay dental implants are clear — if they’re right for you. Just like any medical treatment or cosmetic intervention, they’re not appropriate for everyone.

You can only determine if dental implants are the best path forward for you in consultation with an oral surgeon you trust.

There’s no point in delaying that conversation, of course. Your oral surgeon may recommend other solutions first, or they may advise dental implants straightaway. You won’t know until you ask.

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